Dapper Ambassador - Peter Chaney

Photographer/Videographer/Dapper Vigilante

The team here at Dapper Vigilante are proud to welcome the very talented photographer and videographer Peter Chaney on board as an official Dapper Vigilante ambassador. We sat down with the gifted man himself to discuss a bit about his background and love for fashion.

So Peter, where are you from?

Orange County, California.

What you do professionally?

Photographer/Videographer and Product Information Specialist for an Ad Agency.

What are your hobbies?

Racing cars, photography, working out and flying my drone.

What is the most inspiring/favourite city you’ve been to and why?

Any city/town in Costa Rica because the country still shows the beauty of not having to change because the rest of the world is.

How would you describe your style?

I like to feel good and comfortable without having to sacrifice my steez. I would say that my style is more modern day casual, enough where I look presentable at work and don't get the side eye.

What is your go to Dapper Vigilante piece?

Currently it's a toss up between the Winston Leather Bracelet and the Art Rope Bracelet. I tend to wear a lot of blue so I would lean more on the Anchor & Rope Bracelet.

What makes someone a Dapper Vigilante?

My description of a dapper vigilante is someone who is confident in what they are wearing and live life boldly.


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