Dapper Ambassador - Moosa Ravi

Model - Student - Fashionable Gent

Dapper Vigilante is proud to introduce Mr. Moosa Ravi as brand ambassador. Get to know this fashionable gentleman who loves fashion and exploring new styles. 

Hi Moosa, thanks for taking the time for a chat. Lets start with your background and where you are from.

My mother is a British-paki and my father is Pakistani. I Lived in Cardiff, Wales for some of my childhood and then moved to London. I'm now living in Pakistan, enjoying the Bi-polar weather here.

What you do professionally?

I'm a student currently enrolled with University of London's international programme. I also work as a model.

What are your hobbies?

Fitness is very important for me, so i go to the gym regularly and play football whenever i get the time. I love researching new trends and going to menswear shows. Photography is also a major part of my life.

What is the most inspiring city you’ve been to and why?

I'm most inspired by London. My family lives there and the city is drenched in so many different cultures. I love that the street-style and fashion, food scene and the people are so varied and unique. I'm inspired whenever I'm there.

How would you describe your style?

My style changes everyday and I find it hard to categorise or classify. I love to experiment with what I wear, and I intend to keep on experimenting until I find my signature style. Right now for me it's all about fun prints and colour, lots of ripped jeans, overalls, and of course sneakers!

I love that the street-style and fashion, food scene and the people of London are so varied and unique. I'm inspired every time I visit. 

What is your go to Dapper Vigilante piece?

I love the Fredrick leather and anchor bracelet. You'll see me wearing it all the time, and I also like to stretch it out to make it into a very cool necklace which I wear over plain t-shirts.

What makes someone a Dapper Vigilante?

For me it has to be  a person with a very versatile style. It is alright for them to wear fun and contemporary clothes, but they should also be able to clean up well, and transform their style into a more classic look.

How would you describe your Instagram account?

My Instagram is all about my personal style, my clothes and shoes, and a bit about fitness. I put in a lot of effort into every look that I post, but at the same time I make sure to have fun doing it.