Dapper Ambassador - Cornelius Christopher Nathan Mootoo

Fashion Enthusiast and Fitness Fanatic

The team here at Dapper Vigilante are proud to welcome the very driven Cornelius Mootoo on board as an official Dapper Vigilante ambassador. We met with Mr. Mootoo to find out what makes him tick and to discuss his love for fashion.

So Cornelius, where are you from?

South Plainfield, New Jersey

What you do professionally?

I'm a Senior Study Start Up Specialist (SSUS) with Allergan in Jersey City, NJ; a full time graduate student enrolled at Rutgers University-Newark for my Master's of Science Degree (M.S.) in Clinical Trial Management & Patient Recruitment; currently applying to both Seton Hall University and Rutgers University for accelerated Nursing programs for Fall 2016; the Secretary on the Executive Board of the New Jersey Public Health Association; a brand representative/model at HollisterCo. in Woodbridge, NJ; and I also babysit 2 boys, ages 9 and 7, in Somerville, NJ.

Well you certainly are quite the busy guy. What are your hobbies when you have a bit of free time?

I love to run obstacle course races (OCRs) as I've run 2 Spartan Races, 4 Tough Mudders, and 2 Warrior Dashes to date (I'm registered for 3 Spartan Races, 1 half marathon, and a Warrior Dash thus far for 2016); hiking; yoga/meditation; leisure reading; playing with my 2 beautiful puppies Lady and Boo Radley; driving to NYC and exploring for new restaurants/cafes/museums; love taking on side projects (right now I'm boning up on my Spanish and learning Mandarin, while also learning Computer Programming)

What is the most inspiring/favourite city you’ve been to and why?

Santa Ana, Costa Rica. I went there for a medical relief trip in 2011 with the Rutgers Chapter of Foundation International Medical of Children (FIMRC) working in local clinics and I fell in love with it. I stayed with a family whose house was right next to a mountain and treated me as their own son, which made leaving Costa Rica that much more difficult, I saw them as my own. Every day was 75 degrees, and every morning I'd wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and a breakfast fit for a King made by the Mother. My fellow students and I would go zip lining, white water rafting, and bumming out on some of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. It's a country I have every intention of going back to, not only for the breathtaking scenery and lively culture, but for the family who took me in as one of their own and being there made me forget every single worry/stress I've felt in my life.

How would you describe your style?

My style has DEFINITELY gone through phases! All throughout high school I wore Pacsun, HollisterCo., Abercrombie, or whatever I could snag from my older brother. Ironically enough it went hand in hand with how I felt about my self confidence. I wasn't attractive years ago or confident in my looks/how I dressed/my physique, up until my undergraduate days at Rutgers. It wasn't until about senior year (2013) that I stated to dress 'better' if you will, really focusing on button downs, slim jeans/pants, etc. My style NOW as a working adult is something I'm proud of. I primarily own pieces from Express, Zara, H&M, HollisterCo (utilize their button downs/V necks/skinny jeans for casual wear) and even Target! (I've found hidden gems there). I'd say it's classic...I'm very business casual (dress shirt + tie + dress pants + dress shoes) during the week at work and then at night/weekends, I become much more relaxed with some comfortable skinny jeans + a V neck t shirt + some Chelsea boots or I have no shame in throwing on some fitted joggers + relaxed hoodie + some Nike Frees.

What is your go to Dapper Vigilante piece?

I'd have to say the Conrad Anchor and Rope Bracelet...it was the first piece I ever bought from the website and it stuck out to me because I have an anchor tattoo on my right ringer finger (my very first tattoo) so the design stuck out to me as that marking on my body holds significant meaning to me.

I believe that the way a man carries himself in every single aspect of life defines who is and how he is portrayed to the world.

What makes someone a Dapper Vigilante?

I believe that the way a man carries himself in every single aspect of life defines who is and how he is portrayed to the world. The way he dresses. styles his hair, maintains his personal hygiene (grooming, beard, nails, etc. all count!), his facial expressions (being approachable or not), the type of job he has, if he takes care of himself physically, how he treats others. It's not enough to merely buy the products off of the website, wear it, and snap photos using hashtags to be featured. It's an everyday lifestyle of being a collected, stylish, and respectable man, inside and out.


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