Dapper Ambassador - Jordan Mixson


Jordan Mixon Dapper Vigilante Ambassador

Sock Connoisseur, Violinist & Creative

The team here at Dapper Vigilante are proud to welcome the very talented and suave Jordan Mixson on board as an official Dapper Vigilante ambassador. Sitting down with the busy man himself, we had a chance to pick his brains over a fine coffee.

So Jordan, where are you from?

Jacksonville, Florida

What you do professionally?

I have two professions. I work in the Medicare Industry and I am a Professional Musician with a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance for Violin.

What are your hobbies?

I love playing gigs, writing music in my spare time, eating at local restaurants, going to concerts, and attending local art galleries. I really enjoy a good cup of coffee and taking pictures as newer hobbies.

What is the most inspiring/favourite city you’ve been to and why?

Visiting Grosslangheim, Germany was an eye opening experience to me. My first taste of European living. I learned about the wine country side of Germany that was located about one hour and a half from Frankfurt. I was inspired by how friendly the locals were. There was great pride in the way people dressed in either a dressy casual to formal attire when leaving to go to work, getting groceries, and especially going out for the evening. People take their time and enjoy each other’s company. That’s very different coming from a faster paced environment at home. I learned a lesson that it's good to take your time to enjoy special moments with important people in your life.

"I learned a lesson that it's good to take your time to enjoy special moments with important people in your life."

How would you describe your style?

My style can be eclectic. However, I like wearing a classic and sophisticated wardrobe that allows me to accentuate the smaller details with more elaborate pieces. I especially love wearing a really unique pair of statement socks for formal and casual occasions. I also love wearing a unique bracelet or ring as additional finishing touches to create a cohesive look.

How would you describe your Instagram Account?

My Instagram account prominently features me wearing a variety of elegant and exotic socks around town or wherever I may be according to the occasion. I like to attend local events and eat at local places and share a stylish picture in the process. So you will see pictures of where I am and what socks I am wearing at the time.

I'm inspired by a fashion blog editorial aesthetic with often brightly colored compositions but I do like to embrace some minimalistic elements in some of my pictures as well. I also love taking good local food pics, excellent coffee, and a nice cocktail with a sense of style by wearing a cool bracelet and ring.

Sometimes I feature local instagrammers and some friends who inspire me creatively through our mutual support and love for the growth in my community. I enjoy the small details in life by emphasizing a stylish sock game.

What is your go to Dapper Vigilante piece?

The Abraham Cloud Rope Bracelet is definitely my go to piece. It really goes with everything I wear whether I’m wearing neutral earth tone shirt or a more bold colored overall look. The designs and color schemes never overpowers my outfit but only compliments. I get the most compliments with it.

What makes someone a Dapper Vigilante?

A dapper vigilante is very independent in the pursuit of his own style. He dresses with a distinct point of view while also being aware and educated of the classic styles in menswear that never go out of style while still having a modern touch.


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