Leather Bracelets

When we think of dapper we think of trimmed beards and curled moustaches. We think of rich-scented Cuban cigars smouldering on an ashtray, next to a good scotch on the rocks. We think of crisp collars and crisper attitudes. A little bit 1930’s speakeasy and also a little bit 2015 modern man. We also think of leather. Sumptuous and soft, yet masculine and hard. Don’t ask us how leather has such a perfect duality: it just does. Like our men’s leather bracelets. A little bit soft, because it’s a bracelet. A little bit manly, because it’s luxurious leather. The most dapper of wrist accessories for the modern and luxe vigilante guy.

Dapper Vigilante mens leather bracelets come in an array of colours and closures, as we realise not every suave man is the same. So we tried to encompass a vast array of awesomeness in our differing designs. The only thing that doesn’t differ? That air of sophistication. Think the smell of rum, whiskey, leather and tobacco. Dapperness. The smoothest leather bracelet for men.