Fashion Ideas for Groomsmen

For non-dapper gentlemen, being invited to a wedding is no big deal in the fashion stakes: they pull their one suit out of the wardrobe, dust it off, and slip on a pair of comfortable shoes. Simple. No fuss.

This may be all well and good for the average guest, but not for a member the wedding party.

Brides want their big day to be perfect in every possible way, from their dress to the colour of the venue's seat-covers – do you think they'll let you sit at the top table in a fifteen-year-old suit that no longer fits?

Of course not.

You want to look your best, and nothing makes a statement like some dapper accessories. Let's take a look at a few ideas to inspire you.

Cuff Links


Cuff links are a perennial gem. Whatever the tone of your suit, whatever the bride's dress-style, and whatever the colour scheme, you'll be able to find cuff links that really make the groomsmen standout.

You have a huge range of choice with cuff links: you can stay classy (as the great man, Ron Burgundy himself, once said) with a set of sophisticated square links, an engraved pair carrying your name (great for multiple guys in the bridal party to wear), or you can even go for something a little more unique. 


Bracelets can offset any look. As with cuff links, you have a huge amount of options when buying a bracelet: do you want silver? Gold? Leather? Rope?

Whichever you choose, a bracelet will look stylish with your full suit, and add a much-needed touch of relaxed cool for later in the day, when you strip down to your waistcoat once the reception and afterparty hit full stride.

Bow Ties

Ah, the bow tie! So few men have the guts to wear one, but as part of a bridal party, one of these beauties can be cool, smart, and incredibly stylish – certainly a statement piece of the dapper gentleman.

There are so many options now with bow ties from solids, to patterns to prints. The bow tie says 'special occasion' much more than a standard tie, and will help the wedding party to stand out from the rest of the guys at the wedding.


All the guys in a bridal party can create a cool, dynamic look by adding matching socks to their ensemble. Obviously, as with all of our ideas, you'll need the bride's blessing – but as long as you keep them stylish and coordinated, they're a fun accessory to pair with the above suggestions.

Once upon a time, men's socks were an afterthought of basic colours. Today, though, the options seem endless. Polka dots, stripes, patterns, and even moustaches –  socks can bring an eye-catching element to any outfit, so be sure to look around.

Every wedding is a chance to go all-out with style, and as a member of the bridal party, all eyes will be on you (or, at the least, in your vicinity!). Make an effort, and you and the rest of the wedding party will stand out on this joyous occasion. 


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