Stand out from the Crowd

A dapper gentleman is not content blending into the crowd and walking the path most travelled. When a dapper gentleman walks into a room he is noticed. His style has flair and personality. His attire is always fitting for the occasion and he dons it with confidence.  

The following will help you to stand out and make your mark.

Maintain your health

Without a balanced and healthy lifestyle one can burnout in his or her pursuit of success. Whether it’s doing yoga or running on a regular basis, have a workout routine. Working out will not only improve one's physical appearance, it will also increase confidence that will be noticed by everyone you meet.

Be bold with your accessories

Ties, pocket squares and bracelets are a great way to stand out from the crowd. You don’t have to be wearing a full suit to make an impression. Even on a casual day off a jacket and bright pocket square can take a tee shirt and jeans from being daggy to dapper.

Walk with confidence

Non-verbal communication is more powerful than the words you speak. Your body language affects others’ perception of who you are and will greatly impact one's first impression. Walk with confidence when you enter a room and you will be noticed and respected.

Wear killer kicks

A proper shoe collection is not just for our female counterpart. Whether it’s a pair of leather monk strap shoes complementing a tailored suit or a pair of retro Jordans with a leather jacket and jeans, your shoes are a great way to personalise your style.

Carry a felt tip pen and leather journal

A gentleman never knows when one will need to make a note or when a creative surge will hit. Do so in dapper style with a felt tip pen and leather journal. While there are countless apps available there is still something romantic with putting pen to paper.  

Carry a briefcase 

Briefcases are slowly getting replaced by laptop bags and messenger bags, which is perfectly fine. Carrying a briefcase will always retain its dapper appeal. When you walk into any room with a briefcase, everyone knows you mean business.

Confidence is critical and making these few changes to your lifestyle and wardrobe can go a long way in your pursuit of success.


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