How To Love Thy Leather Shoes

A final touch to every dapper gentleman’s ensemble is a properly polished pair of shoes. Quality leather shoes can last a lifetime, if a proper maintenance regimen is adhered to. The time spent polishing this wardrobe staple will help the leather retain its character and allow it to age like a fine wine.

Initial Cleaning

  1. To begin, insert wooden shoe trees to maintain the shoe’s form and remove the laces.
  2. Then remove any dust and sediment from the shoes with a horsehair brush.
  3. Once the shoes are clean use a cotton rag to apply tiny dabs of leather conditioner in a circular motion. Make sure to thoroughly fill the creases and any other cracks created from normal wear and tear. The conditioner treatment softens the leather which will allow it to fully absorb the polish.


  1. After the leather conditioner dries apply a cream or wax polish to restore the leather’s colour. Choose a colour that is slightly lighter than the leather so as not to darken the tone too noticeably. You can use the inside of the heel as a test area if you’re unsure how the leather will absorb the colour. Use a fresh area of a cotton rag to apply the polish in the same steady circular motions as the conditioner.
  2. Buff the shoes firmly with the horsehair brush and allow the leather to dry.

Now that your shoes are glistening with a proper polish you can walk confidently from the boardroom to the cigar bar.

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