How To Treat Your Partner Like A Gentleman

In our fast paced digital 2.0 age, it's easy to forget the small things. But often it's the small, timeless little things that matter most. So we've prepared our top list of things to remember when you are with your partner. Also, for those not inclined towards the ladies, please substitute this as you see fit, as love is free, and doesn't need to conform to simple gender norms. Now, onto the first rule:

1. Walk On The Curbside

Put yourself between them and the traffic. A simple gesture that acts as a metaphorical barrier between them and the risk of being splashed by a car driving through a puddle.

2. Share Your Umbrella

If the proverbial heavens open up, prioritise your partner with the umbrella and hold it over them, trust us they’ll appreciate it.

3. Open Doors For Them

Simply put, hold the doors open for those following you in, those carrying something and the elderly. Manners cost nothing and you’re making life a lot easier for others.

4. Buy Them Flowers

Giving flowers on the first date is not necessary so save this gesture for later. You don’t need a reason and it’s always most appreciated when done out of the blue.


5. Pull Their Chair Out

Whether you arrive together or before them, stand up and pull out their chair for them. There’s no rhyme or reason for this one but the gesture will set you apart from other men.

6. Give Them Your Jacket

If you’ve left the restaurant/bar and are extending the date with a late night walk along the Embankment, offer them your jacket if they're getting cold. Drape it over their shoulders or help them into it; another simple act that will go along way.

7. Make Sure They Get Home Okay

Ideally, if the date has gone well, you’ll walk them to their door – without expecting to be invited inside. At the very least, give them a quick text to ensure they got home ok. Forget the nonsense about giving it three days before contacting them again, this is just a courtesy; you’re not organising a second date.

8. Remove Your Hat Indoors

Hats may not be the uniform de jour like it was in the ‘50s but they’ve certainly come back into fashion. If you’re staying anywhere for a long period of time, remove your hat out of respect for those around you; keeping it on gives off the message that you’re looking to leave in a hurry, or that you have something to hide.

9. Get In The Taxi First

This may seem counterintuitive. After all it’s usually the polite thing to let them go first but in the case of a taxi, get in first to save them the indignity of shuffling along the seats. Plus it's generally safer if the taxi driver is suspicious.

10. Take A Step Back

Not literally, this one refers to conflict, particularly in public places. Avoid raising your voice or getting into a shouting match in public – it’s not very becoming. Take a step back, cool your temper and regain your composure. Handle yourself like a gentleman and be diplomatic. See things from their way, and if they are still being unreasonable, give it some time to decomrpess a bit. We all can get a bit carried away sometimes, but as a gentleman, your job is to master your presence and being no matter the circumstance.

What Are Your Rules?

We've covered the classics, some good guides and some old wisdom, but what do you think is an important rule you follow when treating your man or lady?

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