10 Best Menswear Stores In Australia

Today's dapper gent takes far more pleasure in clothes-shopping than the scruffier men of yesteryear.

Whether on the hunt with friends, your significant other, or as a solo adventurer, a leisurely browse of your favourite stores is a great way to discover new trends and experiment with your style. Australia is home to plenty of brilliant menswear stores, but certain establishments go above and beyond to offer an unbeatable experience. 

We feel these brilliant few deserve to be saluted for their innovation and unique style …


(Sydney and Melbourne)

Harrolds is a family-run menswear store dedicated to bestowing luxury clothing upon Australia's fashion-focused men. Beauty products are also available, to keep you looking good where your clothes can't reach.

Since 1985, Harrolds has grown to become an exclusive home to various gorgeous collections, with iconic brands like Tom Ford. For gents with a love of tailored fashion and beautiful cuts, Harrolds is a must.



Based in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley, Fallow is a huge step forward for gentlemen with a taste for avant-garde fashion.

Boasting lines from the biggest designers in Oz and international lands, Fallow is an ideal spot to find eye-catching pieces ahead of the curve. The store itself has a stylish, dramatic feel, bringing a breath of fresh air to the local fashion scene.

Double Monk


Footwear is integral to any look, so any gent neglecting his shoes isn't as dapper as he thinks.

Double Monk is a luxurious store specialising in a wide range of footwear, carrying designs by such names as Crockett & Jones and John Lobb. For an extra VIP-feel to your visit, Double Monk offers bespoke fittings and tailors shoes to your exact fit. Classy, sophisticated, definitely worth your time … and dollars.



Another outstanding store based in Brisbane, Apartment is a popular spot to pick up pieces by awesome brands. Fashion-focused gents of all ages will find something to turn heads, and the experience of browsing itself is a delight thanks to the gorgeous aesthetic.

The airy, spacious space has a welcoming feel, and if it appears to ooze New York cool, that's because Apartment's co-founders lived in the Big Apple for a while. Give it a try next time you're in town, and you'll fall in love. 



(Sydney and Melbourne)

Since Incu launched in 2002, it has built a dedicated fan-base of loyal shoppers. Both stores stock an immense variety of brands, made up of local creations and pieces from further afield.

Men will find a treasure trove of world-famous lines as well as more niche labels, covering all your essentials, from ties to underwear. The full-wardrobe treatment in one spot.

Stock and Supply


As the name suggests, this store supplies gents with all they need. Brands like Wanders Co and Salty Shoes sit alongside Banks and Epokhe. They stock pieces from local and international lines, and the store itself is located down the recently redeveloped Bakery Lane in the Valley, Brisbane. 

A huge variety of fashion tastes can be satisfied here and Stock and Supply has a loyal customer-base lapping up its diverse selection daily.

P. Johnson Tailors

(Sydney and Melbourne)

If you haven't heard of this company, allow us to rectify your huge oversight.

This is a true staple of Australian menswear.

P. Johnson is the stuff of dreams for men with a love of exquisite tailored fashion. Top-man Patrick Johnson himself is a powerhouse of good taste and sharp detail, and his team is just as dedicated to crafting your perfect suit. The store exudes style and class, ensuring you feel immersed in quality fashion from the second you cross the threshold.



Based in Melbourne's pulsing heart, underground no less, is Chiodo. For men on the very forefront of street fashion and eye-popping pieces, Chiodo stocks an amazing range of brands. Bold colours, risque prints, and flat-out naughty designs make this one for the braver gents out there.

Next time you're in the city, pop inside and say hello – you might just find your next favourite piece.

The Cloakroom


A tailored suit is a must-have piece for every gentleman's wardrobe. The Cloakroom specialises in producing handmade garments cut from scratch for each customer. A range of quality handmade products are on offer to complement including shoes from the Carmina (Spain), shoe products from Saphir (France) and Abbeyhorn (UK) as well as accessories and books.

For the ultimate tailoring experience in Brisbane look no further than the Cloakroom for your entire wardrobe needs. 



As soon as you step into Ricarda, the sleek, spacious, ultra-modern aesthetic grabs you and doesn't let go.

Ricarda stocks a mind-boggling variety, with such diverse brands as Comme des Garcons and American Vintage. Fragrances, T-shirts, jeans, shorts, and more cover you for all seasons and looks. Drop by and try to keep your money in your wallet – we dare you.

Parker & Co.


With more than a century in the biz, Parker & Co. is easily one of the most sophisticated, stylish menswear stores in the country. From the soft, earthy tones in the window displays to the staff's commitment to guiding customers to the best pieces for their style, Parker & Co. is elegance itself.

Fine-fitting, formal designs abound, offering the modern man all he needs to look his best at all times.

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